24K Gold Lifting Serum

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Introducing Individuel 24K Gold Lifting Serum. This advanced serum is meticulously crafted with a potent blend of premium ingredients, including real 24-karat gold, to deliver a lifting and revitalizing experience like no other.

Key Features:

  1. Pure 24K Gold Elegance: Elevate your skincare ritual with the indulgence of pure 24-karat gold. This precious metal is known for its skin-rejuvenating properties, promoting a luminous complexion and imparting a luxurious radiance that stands out in the crowd.
  2. Instant Lifting Technology: Experience the transformative power of our cutting-edge lifting serum. Specially formulated ingredients work harmoniously to provide an immediate lifting effect, visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Revel in the sensation of tightened, firmer skin from the very first application.
  3. Collagen Infusion: Unleash the potential of collagen, a fundamental protein for skin elasticity. Our serum is enriched with collagen-boosting ingredients that help restore firmness and resilience, promoting a more youthful and supple appearance over time.
  4. Hydration Reservoir: Individuel 24K Gold Lifting Serum goes beyond lifting – it deeply hydrates. Hyaluronic acid, a moisture magnet, ensures your skin stays plump and moisturized, unveiling a dewy and revitalized complexion that exudes vibrancy.
  5. Antioxidant Defense: Infused with powerful antioxidants, this serum provides a shield against environmental stressors. Antioxidants combat free radicals, promoting skin health and preventing premature aging. Let your skin bask in the protective glow of Individuel’s 24K Gold Lifting Serum.

Indulge in the pinnacle of skincare luxury with Individuel 24K Gold Lifting Serum. Immerse yourself in the opulent blend of gold and scientifically advanced ingredients, and embrace the radiant transformation that comes with each application. Elevate your skincare routine to a new standard of decadence and luminosity.

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Based on 24K Gold, this serum is your golden seal beauty miracle to restore a youthful glow.
The Gold contained in the serum stimulates cellular growth of the epidermis, regenerating firm skin cells.

Gold also locks in moisture, increases the collagen level in the skin, and prevents the breakdown of Elastin.

Vitamin E helps the skin retain its moisture and firm appearance.

Apply evenly to the face and neck in the morning and evening, after cleansing with Individuel Gold Skin Toner.

For best results, apply Individuel Gold Day or Night Cream

30ml (1.05oz)


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