Intensive Touch Purifying Lipogel

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$ 135.00

Individuel Intensive Touch Purifying Lipogel, your nightly ally in the quest for clear, balanced skin. Immerse yourself in the power of Dead Sea minerals with this quick-drying lipogel specially formulated for oily and problematic skin. Unveil a refreshed complexion as you embrace the purifying benefits of this unique mineral lotion.

Key Features:

  1. Dead Sea Mineral Infusion: Immerse your skin in the rejuvenating properties of Dead Sea minerals. Individuel Intensive Touch Purifying Lipogel harnesses the natural richness of the Dead Sea to provide a deep, purifying treatment for oily and blemish-prone skin.
  2. Quick-Drying Formula: Experience the efficiency of a quick-drying formulation that seamlessly integrates into your nightly skincare routine. This lipogel absorbs rapidly, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of Dead Sea minerals without the inconvenience of heavy or sticky residue.
  3. Nightly Blemish Treatment: Make the most of your beauty sleep with our intensive lipogel. Specifically designed for nightly use, it targets oily skin and blemishes, working overnight to reduce excess oil production and minimize the appearance of imperfections.
  4. Balancing Act: Achieve a harmonious balance in your skin’s natural oils. Individuel Intensive Touch Purifying Lipogel helps regulate sebum production, preventing future breakouts and promoting a clearer, more even complexion.
  5. Gentle yet Effective: This purifying lipogel is gentle on the skin while delivering powerful results. Formulated with care, it addresses the unique needs of oily and problematic skin without compromising on efficacy.

Elevate your nighttime skincare ritual with the therapeutic touch of Dead Sea minerals. Individuel Intensive Touch Purifying Lipogel is your secret weapon against nightly blemishes, leaving you waking up with a refreshed and revitalized complexion. Embrace the transformative power of nature and reclaim control over your skin’s balance with each application.

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A quick-drying Dead Sea mineral lotion for nightly treatment of oily and problem skin blemishes. Absorbs oily residue, soothes redness of blemishes, and provides a matte appearance

Mode of use:

Apply every evening after cleansing on stains and leave on overnight. Rinsing is not necessary. Due to the presence of Dead Sea minerals in the formula, a slight tingling may be felt when the lotion is applied to the skin. This will quickly disappear as the lotion dries. Shake bottle well before use.

Main ingredients:

Jojoba oil, grape oil, sunflower oil.

A fast-drying lotion with Dead Sea minerals for localized night treatment of oily and problem skin. Absorbs oily residues, relieves local redness and provides a matte appearance. ) improves the hygienic condition of the skin.

Boswellia serrata extract serves as an excellent antimicrobial and provides hygienic support to the skin. The powdered components of this lotion absorb excess moisture and oil, improving skin tone to a more even tone. Iron oxides provide a tinted tone that can be used to cover imperfections. throughout the day.Contains a non-medicated botanical formula for teenagers, which supports skin hygiene.

Indicated for oily, acne-prone, sensitive skin in localized areas or T-zone.



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