Treatment Moisturizer SPF 50

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$ 105.00

Individuel Treatment Moisturizer SPF 50, a non-greasy day cream that transcends ordinary skincare, providing optimal sun protection while catering to the specific needs of sensitive, delicate, oily, and combination skin. This protective daytime moisturizer is expertly formulated to ensure your skin is shielded from harmful UV rays while embracing a lightweight and nourishing texture.

Key Features:

  1. SPF 50 Sun Protection: Elevate your daily skincare routine with the power of SPF 50. Individuel Treatment Moisturizer is your frontline defense against the sun’s harsh rays, helping to prevent sun damage and premature aging. Enjoy a worry-free day knowing your skin is shielded with maximum protection.
  2. Non-Greasy Formula: Say goodbye to heavy, greasy textures. Our day cream is carefully crafted to provide intense hydration without the weight, ensuring a non-greasy feel. Perfect for those with sensitive skin, this moisturizer effortlessly blends into the skin, leaving behind a smooth and comfortable finish.
  3. Specially Formulated for Delicate Skin: Designed with the needs of delicate, oily, and combination skin in mind, this moisturizer is a harmonious blend of gentle yet effective ingredients. Aloe Vera soothes and calms, vitamin E provides antioxidant protection, and jojoba seed oil delivers lightweight hydration.
  4. All-Day Hydration: Experience the lasting benefits of our treatment moisturizer. The combination of nourishing ingredients ensures your skin stays hydrated throughout the day, promoting a balanced and revitalized complexion. Bid farewell to dryness and embrace a radiant, healthy glow.
  5. Versatile and Comfortable: Whether you’re navigating a busy day or enjoying outdoor activities, Individuel Treatment Moisturizer SPF 50 adapts seamlessly to your lifestyle. Its versatility and comfortable wear make it an essential addition to your daily skincare routine.

Individuel Treatment Moisturizer SPF 50 is more than sun protection – it’s a daily skincare ritual tailored to the unique needs of sensitive skin. Revel in the effortless blend of Aloe Vera, vitamin E, and jojoba seed oil as you fortify your skin against the elements. Unveil a new level of comfort and confidence with a moisturizer that cares for your skin as much as you do.

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Non-greasy day cream with SPF50 for sensitive skin. Protective daytime moisturizer specially formulated to meet the needs of delicate, oily, and combination skin.

(Aloe Vera, vitamin E, jojoba seed oil).

This formula is recommended for daily use throughout the year to prevent UV damage that can cause hyperpigmentation and premature aging. Apply in sufficient quantity and frequently to maintain the necessary protection. Reapply after bathing.

Main ingredients:

Aloe Vera, vitamin E, jojoba seed oil.

Premium antioxidants (vitamin E, stable ester derived from vitamin C, and carotene-rich extract from the salt algae Dunaliella Salina) support the skin’s resistance against free radical damage when exposed to ultraviolet light. Special additives selected for oily or problem skin, such as beehive propolis, derived undecylenic acid, and echinacea extract, improve hygiene and skin surface conditions.

Suitable for oily, acne-prone, and sensitive skin.


1 review for Treatment Moisturizer SPF 50

  1. Jordan

    The products feel well, they don’t feel irritating, feel moisturizing and this one gives me a brightness and mild glow. I like the fact that it’s spf 50

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